Sunday, June 27, 2010

Layout Progress Report #15 as of 06/27/2010

Wow, hard to believe it's been over 6 weeks since I last posted an update!  Things have been really busy, and the CSR took a backseat to other commitments.  I did get a chance to attend the Southeastern Region NMRA convention.  If you've never attended a regional or national NMRA convention, I highly recommend it.  

Back to the CSR, I've started working on the wooden subroadbed the last couple of weekends.  I'm using cookie cutter roadbed, using similar techniques as in Progress Report #3.  I'm once again using 1/2" plywood for the subroadbed.  I cut the plywood to the size of the benchwork underneath.  Next I print out a 1-to-1 scale layout diagram and attach it to the plywood.  The diagram also had lines on it for the subroadbed.  These will provide the cutting guides for the jigsaw.

I then once again used a center punch and multiple color Sharpies to mark all the lines.  Next I carried the plywood pieces to the garage to cut them in to cookie-cutter pieces with the jigsaw.

After a hour or so of sawing the roadbed was cut and then placed back onto the layout.

Next it will be time to start putting in risers underneath the plywood.  Until then.....


  1. Frank, Are you cutting the wooden subroadbed for the track that is elevated? If you are how wide are you cutting the subroadbed for a single track? How high is it going to be from the top of the subroadbed to the bottom of the elevated subroadbed? I am asking this because I plan on having three levels on my layout.

    I am curious to see how you are going to support/raise the elevation.


  2. Yes, what you are seeing is all the subroadbed, all of it at different heights across the layout. For a track I give at least a 1" clearance from the centerline, thus a single track subroadbed is 2" wide.